We are gamers, writers, readers, and watchers. We love this industry and the worlds they create. Here we can keep you up to date with all that happens in those worlds and with those who create them for us. Welcome to Nerdybits. Meet the Nerds.


 The Nerds

Benjamin Sawyer

Freelance illustrator. Life-long gamer and ex-video game journalist. Wants to get back into the industry again someday. Built his own lightsaber.


Caleb Sawyer

Creative mind with a hankering for adventure, both virtually and realistically. Caleb is a freelance writer and journalist, author and (fledgling) musician, foodie and motorcyclist, husband and avid gamer. Oh, and he built an Omni-Blade replica in college, because why not...?



Gamma (Christy Sawyer)

Artist, mother, grandmother, gamer, and all around awesome. When she isn't painting or making someone's life better (they often run together, ya know) she plays videogames. Enough said.