New Gears of War On Cover of Game Informer / by Benjamin Sawyer

Gears of War 3 was fantastic but let's face it, we will never be done with the world of Marcus Fenix. Just 8 months after the release of the third game in the Gears trilogy we know hear that Epic is going to announce its next installment in the series at E3 in just under a week. To tease us Game Informer has released the cover of their next issue and guess who graces us with an appearance? A mysterious shaded picture of a man with his hands cuffed behind his back being lead through a door by two helmed Cogs. But who is this unknown, shackled character?

For those of us who played Gears 3 we know that Ice-T's character Griffin threatened revenge on Marcus and his squad after they trounced his posse. Could this be Griffin after his capture? Or is this a new character? By the look of the man's build it is not Fenix. But what if it is a young Fenix and this is a prequel to the series, detailing exactly why he was in prison at the beginning of our first game? Argh! All of the questions!

Epic Studios and creative director Cliffy B (Cliff Blesinski) have said that they will reveal their next project on Sera at E3 and I can’t wait! The planet has a lot of recovering to do after their long and violent war with the Locust horde and that leaves room for a myriad of possible story paths. Are the Cogs going to become a peacekeeping force while the planet rebuilds? Speculation and excitement run high for the details of this new and mysterious project, as they should. All we can do know is bounce ideas around the interweb as we wait for Monday's press conference. Here's to Gears' triumphant return. To Brotherhood!