Watch_Dogs Delayed / by Benjamin Sawyer

Sadly, in news this morning from Ubisoft, upcoming fall  title Watch_Dogs has been delayed into early 2014. The News comes as a bit of a surprise to gamers, many of whom were eagerly awaiting the release in early November. A specific date for 2014 has not been announced yet but the statement from Ubisoft does read spring. It seems likely that Watch_Dogs will release in early April with Titanfall.

In my opinion this delay is bittersweet but GREAT news. I may be sad that I have to wait longer to play as Aiden Pierce, but this is the first title Ubisoft has delayed for as long as I can remember. GTA V delayed this summer and the results were amazing. So in spite of my sorrow I am actually more excited for the release of Watch_Dogs early next year. To read the actual statement click the link below.