Dante's Inferno / by Benjamin Sawyer

So last week I bought a PS3. No I'm not going insane. It was a deal I couldnt pass up (320 gig for $75). But I owned no games, owned being the key term, I now own one. Anyways...sorry I digress. So due to my prior lack of games I decided that I would borrow Dante's Inferno from a friend of mine. Geat decision! Datne's Inferno, if you didn't know already, is a reimagination of the famous Italian Renaissance poem of the same title. As the titular Dante I ventured through the 9 circles of hell encountering figures like Pontius Pilate (condemned Jesus to death on the cross). The game is intense! I fought a giant Cleopatra who just happened to be shooting unbaptized babies from her nipples and the great wyrm Cerberus (yes in this story Cerberus is a three headed serpent. Though Dante's Inferno isn't much more than a different take on the God of War style of game play, the story is genuinely fun to experience. I would not recommend it to the feint of heart, it's pretty intense, but if you think you have the chops give it a spin. It's a Hell of a good time!