Sonic Lost World: A Tough One to Hate / by Benjamin Sawyer

Sonic has had a tough 15 years, as none of his games have arguably been as well recieved as Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles. Ever since Sonic Unleashed though sonic has been on a steady ascent into greatness. Popular press would have you believe that this is another throwaway game in Sonic's career, but actually learning what this game is trying to do reveals that it might be what Sonic needed in the long run.

Sonic has had radical gameplay shifts in the past and this one again makes you rethink how you play Sonic games. Compared to the previous three instalments in the Sonic series, the blue blur moves like he's wearing 10 ton weights in his shoes, and this isn't a bad thing. Sonic's movement and speed is far more reminiscent of Mario's which give you far more control over his speed as this game goes back to Sonic's origin in platforming, the signature spin dash is even back. While sonic has slowed down this doesn't mean he isn't fast. Speedy platforming is still the name of the game and even though he has taken numerous ideas and inspiration from Mario and his last adventure this is strictly Sonic the Hedgehog in look and feel. The control is solid, music is perfect, presentation is phenomenal (the story is actually pretty well done and non-intrusive), and the levels are mostly well designed. This is the perfect Sonic game for those who lost hope and it fits in well with the wide varety of good Wii-U games this holiday.

8 bits out of 10