Ridiculous Fishing is Ridiculous / by Benjamin Sawyer

It's a crowded scene on iOS, and games that make use of the simple touch mechanics and manage to maintain a quaint sense of brevity, yet hold our attention for more than five minutes, are few and far between.

Enter Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption. Created by a legitimate superteam of iOS creators (Vlambeer - Super Crate Box, Zachary Gage - Spelltower, and Greg Wohlwend - Hundreds), their combined strength is well realized in a game ostensibly about making up for the shortcomings of the 2010 original. You will fish across many beautiful 8-bit backdrops, blast your catches with a truly outrageous arsenal of firearms (a fun and furious change of pace,) and use in game currency to customize your look and style of play.

If retro themed graphics and chirpy tunes aren't your thing, then seek another diversion as this game is unabashedly an homage to the NES era, and favorites like Duck Hunt. It blends this style with a few modern touches that brought a smile to my face, such as Eric, the lead character, having a cellphone and being able to check his Twitter between casts. His phone even replicates your own device's clock and battery meter, in a weirdly cool touch.

It's worth noting that Ridiculous Fishing has no IAPs (In-App Purchases), and at its introductory price of $2.99 would seem to provide plenty of content to justify it not being free-to-play as seems to be the trend for mobile games these days. My experiences were on an iPad 3rd gen, and an iPhone 5.

-Caesar Thompson