Gaming like it used to be / by Benjamin Sawyer

Not much time left in the Kickstarter for Shovel Knight, about 2 days. This highly successful kick-starter darling, already blasted its 75,000 dollar goal and is now amassing 240,000 bucks, is a masterful looking love letter to the glory days of 8 bit gaming. Yacht Club games are formed by some ex-WayForward members, two music tracks are even composed by a Megaman alumni . They wanted to independently publish this game to keep it's artistic integrity and from the looks of it they are making a hell of a first impression. Shovel Knight is a lovingly crafted 8-bit homage where you control the titular Shovel Knight as he battles, in Megaman fashion no less, themed knights, it has modern sensibilities taking cues from Dark Souls just as much as megaman and castlevania. Even if you don't support the Kick-starter, pick up this gem this coming fall when it hits PC, 3DS and Wii-U