Crossbones in Captain America: Winter Soldier / by Benjamin Sawyer

This might not be news to some but I recently stumbled across the news that Frank Grillo (The Grey, Warrior, End of Watch) is slated to play Brock Rumlow in the upcoming Captain America flick. Now, at first this is going to sound like some pretty negligible news. For fans of the Captain America comics however, the casting of Brock Rumlow is a big deal. A quick Google search will point out that Grumlow is the Marvel SUPERvillain, emphasis on "SUPER", called Crossbones. Why is Crossbones important? He is the assassin of Captain America...I'll let that sink in for a bit.

Frank Grillo/ Brock Rumlow/ Crossbones
Why is Crossbones in the next Captain America? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!