Outlast: A truly horrifying experience / by Benjamin Sawyer

Outlast is a relatively new horror game that came out early September for PC and just recently (early February) for the PS4. My friend has a PS4 and luckily she had just downloaded the game last week and was waiting for me to play it with her. I have heard magnificently terrifying things about this game. Boy, was I in for a treat. 

Let me start off by saying this game is so unique in a sense that it's something no one has really done before game mechanics wise. In Outlast, you are tasked with the mission of infiltrating an abandoned asylum and getting as much video footage about the place as possible. Things obviously begin to go wrong and that's when the scary stuff begins to happen. In most games like this, you have a way to fight back, some sort of weapon on hand. Not this game. Even at the beginning, the instructions clearly state "you have three options. Run, hide, or die." That statement can't be more true. 

Though my time was limited in playing the game (a mere two or so hours, because I had to leave), I found such an amazing experience within this game. The horror of this game was as new to me as the time I played through the whole Dead Space campaign in a pitch-black movie theatre after hours with a couple buddies of mine. The moment you first walk up to the asylum. The very next moment when walking to the front door. Finding your way through the first hallway when something shuts a door, and you decide to go to the other door. I can't begin to relay the fun experience this game has in store for you. I highly recommend it, and I hope to be finishing it within the next couple weeks whenever I get the chance to use my friend's PS4!