Thief: First Thoughts / by Benjamin Sawyer

Garrett has returned! I have had Thief for two days now and have put about five hours into becoming the best kleptomaniac I can be. With that in mind I decided that I would give you my first impressions of the title as I began to work on my full write up.

Thief is interesting. I know, that isn't what a franchise fan or even prospective buyer wants to hear exactly, but it is the best way I can describe what I have seen so far. Stealing things is genuinely entertaining and I was instantly inundated with the desire to steal absolutely everything that I could find. The story, however, has been awfully slow to start.

Thief acts and reacts pretty well technically. Guards are actually smart enough to notice when something has been taken or even left open, and they don't go on lonely searches very often (they almost always call for some support before they go it alone). Traversing the hub world is simple and complex all at once. Climbing walls and ladders to the simple treasures and demanding player interaction and puzzle solving for the more valuable pieces.

My only disappointment thus far is the slow building story. I'm not sure when it is going to pick up, or if it is for that matter, but at the start you feel a little aimless as you steal things for your friend Basso.

Remember, this is only a first impression. I have yet to complete Thief (playing without incapacitating a single guard is pretty difficult) but I plan to in the next few days. Stay tuned for the full review!