Assassin's Creed Unity Leaked / by Benjamin Sawyer

In what seems to be the first of the year's game leaks (there are often several significant leaks), this year's Assassin's Creed has not only been given a title but two titles. That's right...two. Ubisoft will apparently be releasing a pair of installments this year, one for the last-gen consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3 are in that category now) and another for the new current-gen consoles. The Xbox One and PS4 Creed will be called Assassin's Creed Unity and will take place in 18th Century France (reportedly). Players will take control of a new assassin named (another rumor) Arnor. You have got to admit, climbing Notre Dame sounds pretty awesome.

As for now the last-gen title is codenamed "Comet" and will tie in with the "main" title coming to the new consoles, but it sounds like it will be a game more along the lines of Assassin's Creed Liberation. Liberation was a full Assassin's Creed game but wasn't exactly a core title. It will be interesting to see what comes of this leak, what information will be confirmed and what will remain rumored until E3. Regardless, we will keep our ears to the ground.