Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea - Episode Two / by Benjamin Sawyer

I am typing this as the credits are rolling right now. The post-game credits of possibly one of the most beautiful extended stories I have ever had the privelege and pleasure of playing. I was honestly slightly disappointed with the first episode of the Burial at Sea series. It was enjoyable to play none-the-less, but I can by far say that the second episode of the series was phenomenal. Absolutely terrific. The gameplay mechanics were everything they were supposed to be when playing as Elizabeth. The story was truly fleshed out and magnificent (though a little confusing and tossed around at first). If you take the time to collect all the audio diaries, explore every room, this easily has about six or more hours of gameplay to it, plus it's worth it to get all the exciting backstory of the workings of Rapture and Columbia. 

I will be COMPLETELY honest with this review. I was skeptical at first, but the more I played, the more I got towards the end, the more I absolutely fell in love with this DLC. This is the way a series should end, and I can only say thank God they ended it with this.