Ubisoft's Lukewarm Fiscal Year Thus Far / by Benjamin Sawyer

According to the latest earnings report from the Canadian publishing titan, Ubisoft has seen a significant drop in sales. The report, ending with September 30th, and therefore weighing earnings before major title Assassin's Creed Syndicate, reports a $224.9 million 2015 first semester, nearly a 61% decline in year-to-year sales.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot points out that, "The fact that more than 80 percent of our annual sales are expected to be generated in the second half of the year mechanically weighed on our earnings for the first six months,” but nevertheless, a 60% drop in sales is a frightful discovery for any company. Take into account that last year's first semester was bolstered by the extemely well selling Watch Dogs (May 2014), and that Assassin's Cred Syndicate, a title currently sitting at the top end of the game industry both in critical and commercial succes, and maybe this report is really nothing to fret about. Ubisoft also has three more major titles slated to release this fiscal year, Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division, and Far Cry Primal.

48.3% of this year's first semester of sales for Ubisoft can be attributed to digital sales, rather than retail, which is almost double the same category last year, but it is still a drop from the 56% that Ubisoft boasted in Q1 of this year.

For the official document follow the link here.

~Caleb Sawyer