NerdyBits Heads to Happy Badger Studios / by Benjamin Sawyer

Today, EIC Caleb Sawyer will be visiting Happy Badger Studios to discuss the studio's newly announced SmuggleCraft. The small, St. Louis based studio, known for mobile titles like Strange Donuts vs. The World and Cosmic Kitty Pop!, is making the console leap with this new game, set to release exclusively on PS4 (as well as PC, Mac, and Linux) in 2016.

SmuggleCraft is a reconceptualization of the everyday racing game, giving players a world with procedurally generated tracks and story impacting player choice. Players will take on the persona of smuggler Ferre Astraea in a world where over-regulation is the norm.

For more info on the game, head to Happy Badger's SmuggleCraft announcement page here, or comeback tomorrow to read Caleb's write-up from today's visit. 


Happy Badger Studios