Game Dev Tycoon Releases on iOS! / by Caleb Sawyer

 Game Dev Tycoon

Hey! You ever feel like you could run a videogame studio? Ever want to give it a shot, but you don't have the startup money? You should give Game Dev Tycoon a shot! Initially released in 2012 on PC, Mac, and Linux, by indie publisher Greenheart Games, Game Dev Tycoon starts you in your garage in the 80s, on the cusp of the videogame revolution. Take control of your own studio and climb up the ladder to stand next to industry giants. Develop games, choosing the right topic, genre, platform, audience, and time of year to release. Decide which aspects of each game should receive what amount of focus on the way to making a blockbuster hit, or a critical failure. 

Game Dev Tycoon is a blast, and as of November 28th, it is available on iOS devices! Get into it, forge your path, dominate the industry. And check back soon, we will have a review of the iOS release soon!