Tokyo 42 Releases on PS4! / by Caleb Sawyer


SMAC Games and Mode 7 have released their trippy isometric shooter on PS4. Tokyo 42, described by the publisher as the lovechild of Syndicate (the original) and GTA 1, is a beautifully unique twin stick shooter that places players in a futuristic Tokyo. Fighting to clear your name of murder, the player becomes a hitman (I know, seems counter productive) and hunts the one responsible for framing you. 

NerdyBits had the opportunity to play Tokyo 42 when it released for Xbox One, and boy did we enjoy it! Tokyo is stunning, with multilayered neighborhoods, temples, parks, and monuments littered across a stylistic and fresh open world. The game features adversarial multiplayer and a full single player campaign. Tokyo 42 is ruthlessly fun and, at times, painfully difficult, but there are few games that make raining lead on a group of enemies as beautiful as it does.

Go grab your copy of this truly unique shooter. You can find it on PC, Xbox One, and now PS4 for $19.99. You won't find anything else like it.