Destiny 2 is Upon Us! / by Caleb Sawyer


Tonight is the night! For countless fans, eager to see the next evolution of the Bungie shooter, tonight is going to be a long night. As if you didn't know, the highly anticipated sequel to Destiny releases tonight at 12am ET. That's 11pm for those of us in the Central Timezone and 9pm for the lucky bastards on the West Coast. 

There were a lot of things that made the first Destiny less than stellar. Several of those issues weren't immediately apparent to the public, though their impact on the game was. Some of those issues stood at the forefront of the title. With a shorter than desired storyline, plot holes, unfinished threads, and a lack of content, the first Destiny had to work hard to make itself into the game it intended to be. 

This time, the news of departures from Bungie were nonexistent. The rumblings have, instead, foretold a game that is far larger, with more to do, and with a story that Bungie fans would expect to see from the sci-fi storytellers. 

So lock in Guardians, grab whatever supplements you will need to stay up late, and get ready to get your greedy fingers all over some tasty loot. The Cabal have come. New Guardians must rise!