Sea of Thieves Closed Beta is Coming Up. / by Caleb Sawyer

 Sea of Thieves Closed Beta info

The long awaited Sea of Thieves, developer Rare's swashbuckling foray into the open-world, persistent multiplayer playspace will launch a closed beta on January 24th. 

Featuring a manicured portion of the game, designed specifically for the beta experience, Sea of Thieves' beta will give players a taste of the pirate life that will be available in the full experience, slated to release on March 20th. Entrance to the closed beta is restricted to players who have pre-ordered the title, and to those who signed up to be in the Sea of Thieves Insider Program before December 1st of last year. 

To pre-order you can visit the Sea of Thieves website, or head to the Xbox or Windows Store. For a more comprehensive rundown of the closed beta and its details you can read the FAQ posted by Rare