Fable is Coming Back! / by Caleb Sawyer


According to report from Eurogamer , Microsoft has tasked UK developer Playground with creating a new installment of action/adventure RPG (and Xbox exclusive) Fable. 

Returnig to the series staple character driven, story focused gameplay, Microsoft is apparently funding a team of nearly 200 developers at Playground to get the title off the ground and into development. While it is unlikely that we will see anything from this project in the near future, the prospect of a new Fable title is exciting to long time fans of the series that were dismayed at the news of original creator Lionhead Studios’ closure in early 2016. 

It could be argued that Lionhead had “lost their way,” experimenting with a multiplayer-focused title called Fable Legends. Fans of the RPG style gameplay of Fable responded with cautious enthusiasm for the direction the series was heading. 

Playground is known for the Forza Horizon series, and while that doesn’t exactly qualify them to make a high quality action/RPG, in 2017 we saw PlayStation exclusive developer Guerilla Games (of Killzone fame) knock it out of the park jumping genres to make critically acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn. The Fable series brought back to life in fresh hands is exciting news and we look forward to seeing the project come to life from the new studio in the UK.