Linear or Non-Linear? / by Benjamin Sawyer

We're back! Today's episode gets real deep. Like...hip waders deep. So suit up. We dig into the pros and cons of linear and non-linear game design and then talk about why we think game development may be the finest and purest form of human creation. Like we said, it gets deep. We also give a moment to our good friend Samir Adrissi to plug his entrepreneurial endeavour H.U.D. (Hungry Underdogs) in our first ad break! It's all fun here! Join us!

Facebook's acquisition of Oculus
Ken Levine at GDC
EA escaping the Worst Company in America 


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We want to thank Modigs for the use of his great track Epsilon, and Stan SB (aka Fox Stevenson) for his epic tune We're Alive, featured for the first time on this podcast in this episode.

To check out H.U.D. follow this link here and get Hungry! Remember...Only the hungriest succeed.