The NerdyBits Podcast Returns! / by Benjamin Sawyer

Good morning gamers! The NerdyBits Podcast is finally back. After a year of souls searching and rebuilding, we have found a team of people dedicated to bringing you News, Reviews, Features and the rest. A little less than a month ago (yeah, I know, it took me forever) we sat down for 5 hours and recorded a veritable cornocopia of dialogue on everything games in 2014. Here is Part 1. 

Talking Points:

Flawed Releases
Underdog Hits
Games to look forward to
Everything (We talk about so much it would take hundreds of words to describe it)

So give it a listen! Parts 2 and 3 will release later this week and early next week, respectively. The best is yet to come! 


Join us! (comment below!) 

Direct download - iTunes link - Nerdybits Podcast

We want to thank Modigs for the use of his great track Epsilon.