Bounty Board 019: The Allfather Appears / by Caleb Sawyer


Distinguished ladies and esteemed gentleman, this week on Bounty Board we have the profound honor of introducing our dear friend, The Allfather himself, Odin Æsir. Yes his REAL name is Odin.

On this very special episode of Bounty Board, Odin joins Caleb and Eric to talk about how much Red Dead has taken control of their lives, the 5 (15?) sequels to Avatar that James Cameron has planned (titled?), an underwhelming BlizzCon, and finally the future of games. The last topic in particular being of extreme interest to our guest, we dive into VR, AR, 4D experiences, the likelihood of the Ready Player One future, and SO MUCH MORE! Odin even gives us advice on how to summon him in times of need. Tune in y’all! It’s a good one!

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