Bounty Board 020: A Moral Compass / by Caleb Sawyer


How good or bad are you when you play a game? Do you step into the role of hero, savior, saint of the people, doing everything you can to be good? Or are you a monster, taking life at every chance, leaving a swath of destruction in your wake? Do you play as if the character is you, or do you roleplay the character in the game?

This week on Bounty Board, Caleb and Eric are joined by another special guest: Benjamin Sawyer. Together they debate the use of morality in games, speak to their own playstyles, and break down times when morality worked for them and times that it didn’t. How do they play Arthur Morgan, protagonist (question mark?) of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2? Is he a Criminal with a heart of gold, or a ruthless outlaw? This ain’t no place for no heroes.

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