Bounty Board 026: Game Pass is Crushing It Y'all / by Caleb Sawyer


Xbox’s monthly subscription service Game Pass launched on June 1st, 2017. When it launched people were curious what the gaming company could offer gamers with what looked like it aimed to create a Netflix for games. Over the last year an a half, Game Pass has become one of the most valuable services available to gamers. Today the service has given players Below, Ashen, Mutant Year Zero, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Absolver, and Life is Strange 2: Part 1. And that is just in December and January.

This week on Bounty Board the crew welcomes friend of the show Bobby Pease (@Bobbypease) to talk about just how good Game Pass is. We talk about what we love about the service and what excites us for the future. We talk about how Game Pass is preparing Xbox for a stellar next generation. Finally we break down what we have played and loved, what is underrated, and what games we would never have tried if they hadn’t been on Game Pass.

News for the week:

Bungie Splits from Activison, Keeps Destiny

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