Bounty Board 028: Hype Train Wreck / by Caleb Sawyer


The Hype Train gets us all eventually. We see a game that we didn’t know was coming out. The fresh trailer, the beautiful visuals, the new take on gameplay. In an instant we get drawn into an unshakeable feeling of expectation. Numerous games have exploited this expectation. Drawing fans in for pre-orders, purchases, and DLC down the road. But some games have fallen victim to its power. The first Watch Dogs, a delightfully mediocre game in the first wave of games released on next gen hardware, was panned by critics who seemed to be expecting the second coming.

This week on Bounty Board, the crew dives into whether or not the Hype Train is hurting the industry, forcing studios to come clean on their promises, or turning gamers away altogether. After all, when was the last time you let yourself get hyped for an upcoming title (Anthem and Division 2 for us, shhhh……)?

News for the week:

Assassin’s Creed Fixes Bad DLC
Far Cry New Dawn Story Trailer Releases
Fallout 76 to Go Free to Play?
Black Panther Gets Best Picture Nomination

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