Bounty Board 025: Here Comes 2019! / by Caleb Sawyer


Welcome to 2019 lovely people! We had a really great 2018. Thank you so much for your support! But now it is time for 2019. We have a lot of big plans this year and we cant wait to get into the good stuff. To start the year out Bounty Board wants to welcome @SergeantSodium as our third co-host. Ryan is a longtime friend of EIC Caleb (@LubWub) and NerdyBitsTV and Bounty Board couldn’t be happier to have him as a permanent part of the team. Let’s get to the show!

This week on Bounty Board the crew tackles what is coming in 2019, and boy is there a lot! Will Anthem live up to its lofty expectations? Is the Division 2 going to learn from the mistakes that its predecessor saw in the days following launch? Will we get a new Watch Dogs? Splinter Cell? The possibilities are nearly endless, and that has the whole crew pumped for 2019!

News for the week:

Former Blizzard CFO Joins Netflix
Another Blizzard CFO Leaves, Heads to Square, Inc.
Developer Slightly Mad Studios Teases New Console
Punisher Season 2 Gets A Release Date

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