Bounty Board 063: Public Feedback w/ David Jaffe / by Caleb Sawyer


What’s up everyone! We’re doubling up on the SPECIAL GUEST thing, only this time it’s different…

Folks, on this week’s episode of Bounty Board, we are joined by the creator of Twisted Metal and God of War, David Jaffe!!! (@davidscottjaffe)

Together, your full Bounty Board crew and Jaffe discuss the changing world of social media and public opinion and its impact on game development. Should studios be sensitive to crowd input? Should they look to their fans for decision making feedback?

We also digress a lot. Like…a lot. But that’s nothing out of the ordinary right? We talk about comics, the hype train, Alabama lake houses. We talk about it all! Join us for a truly SPECIAL episode!

News for the week:

New Titles Coming Soon To Game Pass
Untitled Goose Game is Best Selling Game on Switch
Rocket League Replacing Loot Boxes
Shawn Layden Departs Sony

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