Bounty Board 030: Should Games Cost More? / by Caleb Sawyer


There has been an almost constant debate in the game industry for the last decade: Should games cost more? With the ever-increasing cost of development, video game publishers and developers have been tirelessly searching for new ways to bring in money. Is that through adding those “dreaded” microtransactions? Is it by creating a season pass that nabs that extra bit of money off the bat from gamers? Or does it come from raising the initial price of games overall?

This week on Bounty Board the crew dives into the debate on the price of games. Should they go up? Is there something different that publishers could be doing to get more money from their audiences? How much would you pay for a game that you put 1000 hours into? What about a game that you only put 30 into?

News for the week:

Xbox Live Expansion Leak
Apex Crushes Launch
Sony Stock Drops
Twitch Streamer Nabbed in Sex Crime Sting
February Game Pass Releases

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