Bounty Board 031: The End of Big Publishers? / by Caleb Sawyer


In the last few months, large publishers within the gaming industry have endured some woes. Blizzard lost several CFOs in a single 10 day stretch, EA’s earnings report showed a tough Q3 for them, Activision and Bungie divorced, and finally (this last week) Activision/Blizzard laid off 800 employees despite having a “record year in sales.” Those layoffs specifically, incited a lot of backlash from the other developers, journalists, and the community as a whole. More and more, developers have started seeking ways to protect themselves and their jobs from a surprisingly cutthroat industry.

This week the Bounty Board Crew ask ourselves the question: Are we seeing the fall of the Big Publishers? Are EA and Activision dying or is the industry forcing them to evolve? How can games become more profitable? Will We see more studios go indie? Join us for another great episode!

News for the week:

EA Stock Dips After Weak Q3
Apex is Still Crushing it
Star Wars Episode IX Wraps
Blizzard/Activision Layoffs

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