Bounty Board 032: The Anthem of Criticism / by Caleb Sawyer


BioWare’s highly anticipated new IP Anthem is finally out!!! There have been a lot of things floating around the internet since the beginning of the early access started. Many spoke out about the games brokenness, incompletion, and flop. But as a group who has played and enjoyed the game, we find ourselves…confused. Why do the opinions on Anthem differ so greatly? How can a reviewer call a Live Service game that isn’t out yet incomplete?

We aren’t going to tell you that Anthem is perfect either. We understand that there are aspects that could be fixed. The loading screens ARE bad. The flow of Forge, Mission, Post-Mission, Tarsis is slow and breaks the rhythm of the game up. But is it as bad as people are saying? Check out this episode for our takes!

News for the week:

Punisher and Jessica Jones Canceled
Star Citizen Hits $218 Million in Crowd-Funding
Division 2 Gets Live Action Trailer
Apex Gets New Content
Google Launching Gaming Platform
Reggie Fils-Aime Announces Retirement

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