Bounty Board 034: What is a Gamer? / by Caleb Sawyer


Games have been a round a long time. Like, before most of our show hosts were born, sorry @hybridglass (he’s old). But because they have been around so long, millions of people have been impacted by games. That group of gamers is diverse as all heck! Men, women, boys, girls, white, black, young, old, gay, straight. Gamers come in EVERY size and shape. So to celebrate that, we wanted to talk about not only what this beautiful group looks like, but how we came to call ourselves gamers as well.

This week on Bounty Board the crew celebrates being gamers. We talk about where it all started for us. We talk about how it has changed our lives. We talk about the impact it has had not only in our social circles but in our families. Truly, we can all be gamers, and the more people who join us, the stronger we become (boy did that sound ominous *wrings hands excitedly).

News for the week:

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Beat Saber to Get First Music Pack
New Shazam Trailer
Bonnie Ross on Closing Gender Gap in Games
RIP Luke Perry and Keith Flint
Anthem Bricking PS4s?
Sony Remote Play
Nintendo Labo VR

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