Bounty Board 038: Games vs. Movies / by Caleb Sawyer


This week on Bounty Board the crew wanted to take a second and figure out why we will all argue about games until our eyes grow heavy, but we will let you dislike a movie all you want. Like…seriously. Why do we defend games so hard? Is it because we get to play games, and can only watch movies? Is it because we just like games more than we like movies?

We also have a short discussion about what “Real Games” are. And boy, that was…interesting (love you Sarge). Join us as we talk Star Wars and Star Wars games, why you are allowed to hate our favorite movies, and why you can never say a single bad word about Red Dead, or @LubWub will challenge you to a duel.

News for the week:

Netflix Price Going Up
Borderlands 3 Release Date Officially Announced
Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Gets a Trailer
Where Anthem Went Wrong
Division 2 Had Team Dedicated to Creating Secrets, in Secret
Rumor, Microsoft to Combine Game Pass and Xbox Live

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