Bounty Board 042: Games as Art / by Caleb Sawyer


Hey everyone! @LubWub is back! He has returned from the UK and as he came back @hybridglass headed off to Chicago, so we are joined by guest @sketchsawyer on the ol’ Bounty Board! This week we bring up the age old debate: Are Games Art? It is a lively discussion, as the Crew talk table their arguments.

Are all games art or is it only some? Do sports games count as art? Is photorealistic rendering artistic? Is the “Games as Art” movement really “ruining games"? So much to talk about! Join us this week for another episode of your favorite video game podcast: Bounty Board!

News for the week:

EA Access to Come to PS4
Apex Coming to iOS Soon
Riot! Games Walkout
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Announced
Marvel’s Eternals Adding Richard Madden
Dead Cells Goes Mobile
New Overwatch Map Drops
EA Reaffirms Support for Anthem
Star Wars Trilogy Announced, Starting 2022
Senator Introduces Lootbox Bill
John Wick Game Announced
HBO’s Watchmen Gets Trailer

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