Bounty Board 045: Can Games Be Mediocre? / by Caleb Sawyer


Hello friends! Bounty Board is back again, this time with a guest! Richard Nava (@richarizzard) joins the crew this week, filling in for our own Sawft-Clothez Sommelier, @Bobbypease. Bobby is soaking up some sun this week (we’re jealous). This week we talk about the existence of mediocre games. Prompted by a conversation on Kinda Funny Games Daily, @LubWub wanted to ask the question, “Are mediocre games ok?” Do we need to hold games to a nearly unattainable standard, a standard set by iconoclasts like God of War, The Last of Us, or Marvel’s Spider-Man?

In this week’s episode we dive deep into the reality that not all games can be perfection. Should gamers be more forgiving? Should we be more willing to talk up and suggest games that aren’t perfect? Are B-games, like B-movies, in need of a more definitive genre? What kinds of “mediocre” games have we played? How many have we loved, despite their not being “THE BEST THING EVARRRR"? Join us as we talk about why all games have a place, and how art is always objective.

News for the week:

Anthem Starting to Spin Up New Content
Death Stranding Gets Huge Trailer, Release Date
Jessica Jones Season 3 Gets a Teaser
Dauntless Surpasses 6 Million Players in First Week
Square Enix Reveals Marvel’s Avengers, Will Showcase at E3
Twitch Suspends Streaming for New Users, Fighting Trolls

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