Bounty Board 048: The Ethics of Leaks / by Caleb Sawyer


With E3 in the rearview mirror and the coming fall of games, the Bounty Board crew take some time to talk about something that happens frequently in games, especially as E3 approaches: Leaks. There were several things that leaked out to the public in the days drawing up to E3. Bandai Namco had a security breach that lead to the reveal of many unannounced titles, Bleeding Edge footage with a “CONFIDENTIAL” watermark found its way onto the web, details about Star Wars came out.

@hybridglass is out of town this week, exploring the wilds of West Elizabeth (Colorado), so we are joined by friend and fan of the show @RealDirtySmurf. With all of these leaks a debate rose up within the group: Are leaks a good thing or a bad thing? Are there good leaks and bad leaks? Are all leaks the same? Do they damage the perception of the games that are detailed? Do they damage the studios making the games? The questions are abundant in this episode, and the answers aren’t all clear. Join the gang and their guest as we debate the ethics of leaks.

News for the week:

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EA Says Their Games Don’t Have Loot Boxes, They Have “Surprise Mechanics”
Pokemon Sword and Shield Causes Toxic Fans to React
League of Legends Creators Make Auto Chess Game
Destiny 2 Daily Players Climbs Back To 1 Million
Endgame is Coming Back to Theaters
Community Might Make a Comeback?

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