Bounty Board 049: The Year So Far / by Caleb Sawyer


Eric has returned from vacation and the crew is whole once more! With E3 in the rearview and the slow season officially kicked off, the Bounty Board crew decided to take a step back and reflect on the good stuff they have encountered this year.

We talk about our top three games so far this year, why we like them, and why you should give them a shot. Then, for the fall, we give you our Most Anticipated, Sleeper Hit, and Surprise Hit (the one that we are surprised we are interested in).

We’ve got The Fall on the horizon folks. It’s time to dust off that collection of unfinished games and blow up the backlog. And while you are doing that, come hang out with ya boys!

News for the week:

EA Executives Give Up 2019 Performance Bonuses
Crunch News Hits Call of Duty
Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony Worry Trump’s Tariffs Will Hurt Industry

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