Bounty Board 050: Couch Co-op vs. Online Multiplayer / by Caleb Sawyer


Happy Birthday America! While everyone is recovering from ringing ears and freedom beer hangovers, join your favorite nerds as they talk about gathering around the TV with a bunch of friends and blowing other shit up. Couch co-op, sitting next to people for you co-op gaming, was nearly a thing of the past. The Xbox One and PS4, while more powerful systems, didn’t quite continue the legacy of couch co-op games, and instead leaned into playing games online.

In this week’s Bounty Board, the crew sit down and talk about why this transition took place, how it came to be, and whether they think that couch co-op is making a return or if it is dead. To spice things up, Eric brought his couch co-op partner Matt, on the show to join us. Matt and Eric have been going to each other’s house to play games, reigniting the passion for shared gaming experiences.

The guys talk about a lot tonight. They reminisce on Halo: CE and Halo 2, and the global phenomena those games were. They discuss the rise of online gaming and how the introduction of broadband changed the space forever. They talk about Call of Duty, and the wave of PvP game types that became available as a result of dividing the community into their own homes. It is an interesting episode Folks!

News for the week:

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