Bounty Board 058: Unionization / by Caleb Sawyer


Hey folks! Your favorite weekly gaming podcast is back with a new episode! Eric is out on a work trip, but don’t worry, he’ll be back soon. On this episode Caleb, Ben, and Ryan dive into the complex issue of unionizing games. A topic that has found its way into the news more than a few times this year.

With companies like Telltale closing, EA and Activision laying off hundreds, and stories of excruciating crunch at BioWare, Epic, Rockstar, and beyond, how do folks that work in the game industry protect themselves? How would a union help them do that? Would it make games too expensive to make? Is crunch really avoidable?

Tune in as we dive into these topics, and MORE!

News for the week:

Mandalorian Trailer Comes Out
Final Joker Trailer
Dan Trachtenberg Leaves Uncharted Project
Marvel’s Spider-Man Getting Game of the Year Edition
Spyro Comes to CTR
Telltale Games is Coming Back?

Reading Materials:

Game Workers Unite
GWU Zine 2019
Polygon - Game Developers Need To Unionize

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