Bounty Board 061: Battle Royale: Here to Stay? / by Caleb Sawyer


What’s up everyone! It’s that time again! Eric is away on a work trip, so this week three of the Bounty Board crew members return to discuss the lasting power of the Battle Royale game type (mode?). Fortnite is two years old. PUBG two and a half. How have those games done in their time on the market? More importantly, how are other Battle Royales doing?

Since the initial craze of the last man standing game mode, we have seen several titles tick across our feeds. Vigor, The Darwin Project, Ring of Elysium, and perhaps most notably, Apex Legends. At the same time, the “I can’t escape this” craze has seemingly died down. Join Caleb, Ben, and Ryan as they discuss whether Battle Royale is here to stay, or if it is on its way out.

News for the week:

Overwatch Introduces Lego-Themed Event
Call of Duty: Mobile Gets New Trailer, Release Date
Breakpoint Open Beta Announced, Lil Wayne Stars in Trailer
Former Nintendo of America President Joins NYVGCC

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