Bounty Board 040: The Things We Like by Caleb Sawyer


Happy Spring/Easter everyone! This week on Bounty Board the crew sits down to talk about the things that we like because we realized that, well, we hadn’t really done that yet. So we dive into the things that we look for in our games. There are so many titles out there that sometimes it is tough to figure out what to play. We discuss the things we look for, the things that keep us coming back for more, and the things that turn us away.

Join us for this fun discussion and learn what the Bounty Board Crew loves about the video game industry as both critics and gamers. We discuss our favorite genres, how we prefer our multiplayer and single player experiences, what we look for in long form RPGs, and what we love about competitive and non-competitive games. Grab a seat and enjoy the show!

News for the week:

Xbox E3 Conference Details Start Coming Out
Russo Brothers Ask Fans Not to Spoil Endgame
Netflix Witcher Show Gets Release Window
PS5 Details Trickle Out
Dragon Age 4 Development Facing Issues
Bad Company 3 Leaked
Disc-less Xbox One S Confirmed

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