Bounty Board 039: First Person or Third Person? by Caleb Sawyer


This week on Bounty Board, the crew discusses the pros and cons of the two most pervasive perspectives in games: First Person and Third Person. So many games fall into the these two categories. From Call of Duty to Farming Simulator, the perspective we see these games through dictates how we experience games.

In this episode we ask ourselves what about these two viewpoints impacts us and how do they impact the stories and experiences they present. Does third person make for a more immersive experience or first person? When you are playing an RPG with a created character, is third or first person better? Do you play Battle Royale games in third or first person? The questions are nearly endless, but the crew comes to a few pretty solid conclusions. Aaaaaaaand we also get really off track…don’t judge us…

News for the week:

Star Wars IX Gets a Trailer and a Subtitle
Elite Dangerous to Add “Beginner Zone”
Lion King Gets a New Trailer
Disney+ Details Announced
April Inside Xbox to Tease E3 Plans

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