Bounty Board 051: Lootbox Conundrum by Caleb Sawyer


Sorry for the delayed upload! Recording on Thursday threw a little wrench into the works! We have BIG NEWS THIS WEEK!!! @sergeantsodium added a new member to his family!!! Private Sky is reporting for duty!!! Huge congrats to Sarge and his lovely wife on their beautiful newborn. We are all so happy for ya’ll. Needless to say, Sarge is not going to be on the show this week.

In other, less exciting news, @Bobbypease, our own Sawft-Clothez Sommelier, came down ill JUST before we were set to go live. We like our Bobby healthy, so we gave him the night off. We love you Bobby.

So what does that mean? With half of the crew out of the game, @LubWub and @hybridglass called on a long time fan to step up and fill the void! Joining the show this week is the one and only @FatJollyGuy! Fresh back from Guardian Con 2019, and equipped with a new Go XLR, Jolly helps Lub and Glass get to the bottom of the quest. Are lootboxes really that big of a problem?

News for the week:

Dark Horse’s Mask Comic Making a Return
Overwatch, Summer Games Updates, New Character Tease
Switch Lite Officially Announced

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