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Bounty Board 029: In Indie We Trust by Caleb Sawyer


For the longest time, the biggest and baddest games have fallen in the AAA category. A category of games that comes with millions of dollars for production, a huge marketing budget, dozens (if not hundreds) of developers, and the majority of the community’s attention. Then, in the late 2000s a movement began to gain momentum. As digital distribution grew, smaller studios began to release titles left and right. Titles that spoke to player’s emotions, specific genres and playstyles, and most importantly player’s wallets. Indie games were cheaper, but didn’t cut corners on quality. Almost overnight, indie games became a real contender in the video gaming world.

This week on Bounty Board the crew dives into the indie “revolution” of the late 2000s and the indie “renaissance” we are in now. There are so many good indies that we actually forget that some of the games that we play are in the indie bracket. We reminisce on some of our favorites, talk about what lead to our AAA disenfranchisement, and discuss how indie games have brought the industry back into focus as a whole. A great talk here, folks!

News for the week:

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Batman: Arkham Crisis Rumors
Apex, Titanfall Battle Royale Rumors

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