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Bounty Board 037: eSports and Stuff by Caleb Sawyer


So we sat down this week to go in-depth on eSports and then realized…we have already done that. Batting 1.000 over here. So instead of going super deep on eSports, a rapidly growing industry across the globe, we decided to talk about what eSports means to us. Why we watch them, or don’t. What games we like to watch. What games we want to see take center stage. And what games we think will help eSports break through to the beer and nachos crowd.

We also gush a lot about the Borderlands 3 reveal. Because, why wouldn’t we? There are guns with legs, for crying out loud! Also we are are obsessed with the mechanical hunk that is Flak. Dont @ us…

News for the week:

EA Lays Off 350 Employees
April Games with Gold
Borderlands 3 Announced
Borderlands 3 Date Found?
Twitch Squad Stream “Launches”
Army Looking to Recruit Gamers
PlayStation’s State of Play is…Underwhelming

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