memory lane

Bounty Board 052: Bobby and Eric Go Old School by Caleb Sawyer


Hey folks! While @LubWub was away at Comic-Con and @sergeantsodium was busy with his newborn, @hybridglass and @Bobbypease held down the fort and took things back for a nostalgic talk about gaming in their younger days. Together they go through each generation of system and talk about their favorite games for each one. From NES to present day.

Join the two oldest (most seasoned? vintage?) members of the #BountyBoard crew as they take you on a trip down their personal memory lanes! Apologies for the late posting. @LubWub left his brain back home…

News for the week:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Combat Shines
Taika Waititi to Return for Thor 4
Taskmaster Rumored as Villain for Black Widow
Switch Lite Battery Will Last Much Longer
Original Composers Return for Streets of Rage 4
No Borderlands 3 Cross-Play at Launch

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