Bounty Board 036: Stadia, The Future of Games? by Caleb Sawyer


Folks…There’s been some exciting things going on in the last week. Whooo-eee! This Bounty Board has a whole lot of news for you! From trailers out the wazoo, to Disney and Fox finalizing their merger, to Battle Passes, to Anniversary content, to Suicide Squad reboots. This week has been CRAZY! All of that news culminated with Google’s unveiling of Stadia, a new platform for gaming, and it has been all we have been able to talk about.

So, join the crew this week as we dive into, not only what Stadia will mean for the industry immediately, but what the future of gaming looks like overall. Will streaming be the main way to play games in the future? How far away is that future? How long until games on disc are treated like VHS and production of physical media halts altogether? There are a lot of questions in here and we do our best to come to conclusions on as many as we can.

News for the week:

LucasArts Returns? No.
Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer
Toy Story 4 Trailer
Gunn’s Suicide Squad a Reboot
Disney/Fox Merger Finalizes
Apex Gets Battle Pass/First New Character
Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update
Game Pass Adds 6 More Titles

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