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Bounty Board 021: Know Your Why by Caleb Sawyer


In business there is a question that leaders are starting to ask: Are you playing the finite game? Or are you playing the infinite game? Are you competing against your competition or are you competing against yourself? This week on Bounty Board Caleb and Eric are joined by streamer Avel as we tackle this question as it pertains to our industry. What kind of game is Microsoft playing? What about Playstation? Has Nintendo been playing the infinite game all along?

This episode is special. Our guest @Avelaitixa is a delight and the conversation is genuine and inspired. There a lot of things that come up in the discussion of where one’s goals lie, but here in this podcast, we strive to answer just one question: Why? Check out this video from speaker and author Simon Sinek to see our inspiration. And thank you so much to our guest @Avelaitixa for coming on the show and absolutely crushing it.

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