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Bounty Board 055: Toxicity in Games by Caleb Sawyer


What’s up folks! This weeks Bounty Board comes with a bit of a bittersweet moment. Our very own Sawft-Clothez Sommelier is heading out. Bobby is stepping away from the show to pursue a few other opportunities and tend to some changes in routine at home. Bobby has been an incredible member of the team, and we are all so happy to have had the opportunity to share this show with him. Godspeed in your new endeavors friend, and don’t be a stranger!

This week on Bounty Board, with guest host , the crew dives a discussion about Toxicity in Games. We discuss the toxicity we have experienced, the toxic tactics we have seen deployed, the toxic tactics we have used at times, and what the road to a less toxic environment might look like. How will big companies like Microsoft and Sony work to counter-act toxic interactions and repeat offenders? Is there a way to do this effectively or will toxicity always be around in some way? Is toxicity inherent to gaming?

@hybridglass is traveling this week as well, so tune in to hear @LubWub and @sergeantsodium hold it down with guest @sketchsawyer!

News for the week:

Anthem Sputters Back to Life with Cataclysm Trailer
Rocket League to Remove “BlindBox” Crates
Netflix Signs Game of Thrones Writers to Massive Deal
Lucasfilm Developing First Non-Star Wars/Indiana Jones Project Since Merger

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