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Bounty Board 044: Do Exclusives Really Define a Console? by Caleb Sawyer


Hey friends! The Bounty Board is back this again! This week the Crew dives into whether or not console exclusives define the console. There is no question in the world that Sony’s PS4 has dominated the console market in total sales, both in hardware and in exclusive software. But is that the thing that will be talked about as the next generation approaches? Xbox has been on a meteoric rise in the last two years, due largely to their successful introduction of the Xbox Game Pass service.

The debate is lively in this one. Are PlayStation’s exclusives the reason they won the “console war”. Is it at all possible that Xbox’s poor launch impacted the race more? What happened to Halo and Gears of War. the Xbox flagship titles have been largely quiet this generation. The crew is in rare form this week, so dive in and get ready for @hybridglass’s coffee to “slide into your BMs.”

News for the week:

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Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer
Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) Talks Anti-Loot Box Bill
Samurai Showdown is Coming Back
Watch Dogs 3 Details Leak
Westworld Season 3 Gets a Trailer

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