Our Team

The people that make NerdyBits worth following.

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Caleb Sawyer
Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Producer, Host

I started NerdyBits back in 2012 because I wanted an outlet for the ideas I began having while playing games. I wanted my voice to be heard. Over the last six years NerdyBits has grown into its own ambitious skin and has become my passion project. I live for telling stories in, around, and about games. A Husband and Father, Caleb is just trying to live his best life. Fragging aliens and punks along the way. | @LubWub


Eric Glass
Podcast Host, Streamer

Eric "HybridGlass" was born centuries ago from deep within the fires of Orodruin. Forged from the worlds most elite immigrants to the United States, he began is life on the East Coast, before finding his way to the promised land, Texas. 10 years after meeting the love of his life they were married and began ruling the kingdom of central Texas hand-in-hand. Soon after that, we had our first progeny a wee lass, 4 years later came the tiny beast. Currently, I'm doing the 9-5 during the day, and running the House Of Glass on Twitch at night. | @hybridglass


Ryan Tavernor

Highschool friend of EIC Caleb, Ryan is an adrenaline junky with a habit for putting his life in danger, be that in Battlefield or on the pavement. An avid motorcyclist and gamer, Ryan (SergeantSodium on Xbox) began streaming in 2017 and is steadily growing his audience. @sergeantsodium